About Lisa Blackshear

Lisa painting at the Art in Bloom Festival in Black MountainLisa painting at the Art in Bloom Festival in Black Mountain

In these one of a kind paintings, award winning artist Lisa Blackshear offers a personal interpretation of Asheville and Western North Carolina. Painted outside on location, these original oil landscapes feature bright colors, visible brushstrokes, and an impressionist, lyrical feel.


“First I paint the subject in bright colors–the colors of light and shadow. I think of this under-painting as the spirit lurking behind reality. Inspired as much by knitting and embroidery as by the optical blending techniques of the Impressionists, I paint a series of dabs, dots and dashes in drabber, more realistic colors overtop the bright underpainting, allowing pure colors to sparkle through and flood the painting with light.”


Lisa studied painting at the University of Minnesota while drawing illustrations for the school newspaper. After graduating she moved to New York City where she continued illustrating for books, magazines and newspapers, as well as exhibiting her paintings in galleries in New York and the East Coast. After moving to Asheville NC, with the help of a grant from the Asheville Area Arts Council, Blackshear started the Asheville Urban Landscape Project to bring professional and emerging artists together “en plein air”. She loves to paint outside in beautiful locations in and around Asheville.

Lisa demonstrating her painting technique in front of Asheville’s Civic Center

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