About Lisa Blackshear

Lisa painting at the Art in Bloom Festival in Black Mountain

Lisa painting at the Art in Bloom Festival in Black Mountain

In these one of a kind paintings, award winning artist Lisa Blackshear offers a personal interpretation of Asheville and Western North Carolina. Painted outside on location, these original landscapes feature bright colors, thick impastos, and an impressionist, lyrical feel.

Growing up in Minnesota instilled in Blackshear a love for natural beauty; the woods in autumn or wintry clouds over a frozen lake. Her introduction to Western North Carolina involved a moonlit ride to sample moonshine on a family vacation in Highlands, leaving the impression that Western North Carolina was a place of magic and adventure.

While majoring in art at the University of Minnesota Blackshear got a job illustrating for the college newspaper. After graduation she worked as a keyliner while growing her illustration business, eventually moving to New York City to pursue illustration full time. Her work has appeared in Newsweek, the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, among other publications. She also exhibited watercolors of New York street scenes in East Village galleries, hoping one day to pursue her dream of painting full time

That dream came, when, after marrying and starting a family, Blackshear moved to Asheville. Emersed in the landscape of her childhood adventure she began painting in oils, outside on location, trying to capture the spirit of her new home. She organized the Asheville Urban Landscape Project to bring professional and emerging artists together to paint “en plein air.” Her paintings celebrate the natural, cultural and historic beauty of Asheville and Western North Carolina.

Permanent exhibitions of her work can be seen at Woolworth Walk, 25 Haywood St. and the aSHEville Museum, 35 Wall St., Asheville, North Carolina.

-Lisa Blackshear

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