Intermediate Class Deerfield Thursday, April 28 & Friday, April 29 1-4pm

Color BlocksBring objects or photographs to paint from. An educational still life will be provided.
1st Session–
Notan & Composition–

Classic Compositions. Focal Point

composition thumbnails




make Thumbnail sketches.
value scale.

Value scale


Break down of some landscapes:

Landscape Notan

Value Underpainting to unite and create unity.

2nd Session–
Color Theory–color schemes and limited palette.



Color chart
Color thumbnails.













Gamut Mask Tool
Cool darks and warm lights.
The Color Wheel
Color Wheel
Opaque thick lights and transparent, glazed darks.




Oil and acrylic mediums:
Liquitex Glazing medium and Liquitex Slo-dry Blending medium
Oil Mediums–
Gamblin Galkyd Lite and Gamblin Galkyd Gel and Gamsol
Colors: Ultramarine Blue
Cadmium Yellow Light
Winsor Red or Quinacridone Red
Cerulean Blue
Transparent Earth Red or Burnt Sienna

Sizes 6, 4, and 2 Ivory short flats Supplier of Rosemary brushes
Size 6, 4 and 2 Ivory Filbert
Size 1 Ivory Round

double palette cup

Canvas paper
Canvas–oil primed for oil, acrylic primed for acrylic.

disposable palette gray
view finder

Brush cleaner

Open to Artists with some experience in the basics of oil and acrylic painting.
Participants may bring objects to paint or reference photographs or just their imagination.

Beginning Class

Blue Ridge MountainsBlue Ridge Mountains

Blue Ridge MountainsHayden Hall Level A Studio, Wednesday and Thursday 1-4 pm

Intro to Oil Painting–Landscape and Atmospheric Perspective

What do we see when we look out at a mountain scape? Distance and atmosphere.  At such distances local color, the color things are (grass green etc) become less important, and what becomes more important is the color of light. We will be painting a mountain scape in oil, and in the process learning about value and color.

Wednesday Feb 24 1-4 pm: Value: Atmospheric Perspective. Warm up: thumbnail sketches, composition and notan. We will begin our paintings by blocking in values for mountains, using deeper values at the bottom in the foreground and fading due to atmospheric perspective as we near the horizon.

Thursday Feb 25 1-4 pm: The colors of light. Warm up: rainbow swatches. The second day we will glaze over with bright color, the color of the sky.

Supply List

Recommended Company: Gamblin
Recommended Supplier:
Transparent Earth Red
Ultramarine Blue
Cerulean Blue
Portland Gray Medium
Quinacridone Red
Cadmium Scarlet
Indian Yellow
Transparent Earth Yellow
Cadmium Yellow Med
Cadmium Lemon
Titanium White

Small sketchpad
Soft Pencil like STAEDTLER   norica   HB 2
kneaded eraser
pencil sharpener

Jeff’s double palette cup & lid…

Handheld disposable palette gray:…

Viva Paper Towels

Recommended company Rosemary Brushes
Recommended Supplier
Sizes 6, 4, and 2 Ivory short flats
Size 6 Ivory Filbert
Size 1 Ivory Round
Gamblin Varnish Brush size 30mm… ($18)
or any 1.25″ soft flat brush from Home Depot

6″ x 12″ Centurion Oil Primed Linen Panels…
If you plan on framing your artwork

10″ x 20″ Centurion Deluxe Oil Primed linen Stretched canvas .67: deep…
If you want to paint the sides and hang it unframed

9″ x 12″ Canvas Pad…

Guerrilla Roll ups: Carry your paints: buy 2 Stock #: 2406L (holds six 35-40ml tubes)

Carry your brushes:

Carry your panels:×12-Wet-Painting-Carrier-p/wpc1012.htm

I am supplying these toxin-free mediums for the class:

Gamblin Solvent-Free Gel Medium 150 ml Tube
Gamblin Solvent-Free Fluid Medium 8.5 oz Bottle
Gamblin Safflower Oil 16.9 oz Bottle