Addison Farm Vineyard Morning Light

10 x 20x.67″ oil on linen

This beautiful vineyard I first painted a year ago with my painting group, but this year when we painted it I was called away after blocking in the dark colors. This gave me a long time to study the half-finished painting and strategies what I would do with it. The next day I went back out to the vineyard, and discovered I could create fresh, real looking color without muddying the tints! What a breakthrough!

I used flat, chiseled brushstrokes layered over thin monochrome underpainting, using artist grade oils varnished with Gamsol. The substrate is oil primed linen gallery wrapped onto .67” wood frame with painted sides for frameless or shadowbox frame presentation.

I hope my contemporary approach of rhythmic brush strokes and bright, thick impasto brush strokes and harmonious color will calm and stimulate, and that the lyrical, almost abstract realism provides a dense visual puzzle that continues to intrigue over time.