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What’s the difference between oil and watercolor?

Thanks to Jim C. for asking this question:
“What is the difference between oil and water color painting?
Will we be able to frame these with glass?”
Stretched CanvasI’m glad you brought that up!
Oil paintings are made on canvas, the paint itself makes a strong bond when dry, and may be hung without glass.
Watercolor paintings are made on paper, the paint is water soluble when dry, and are usually hung behind glass.
There are 2 types of canvases I paint on, oil primed linen stretched on stretcher bars, like the one I showed you, which are .67 in. thick.

Floater FrameI paint the sides, and these are can be hung without frames or with a simple modern “floater” frame like this:
Linen Covered PanelsI also use oil-primed linen covered panels, which are the same in quality but only 1/8″ thick. These slip nicely into more traditional frames and would be easier to frame with glass. I varnish my paintings to protect them from dust and discoloration, and they may be framed without glass. However framing with glass and backing paper would protect them from the elements even more. If you think you would like to go with glass I will use the panels to paint on. Let me know!